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I have known Joanna for 9 years and she has an incredible skill set, whilst being a genuinely empathic and kind person. I think her many years of experience as a childminder with her naturally person centred approach has given her a talent for being able to connect with people in need of help and support. I would trust Joanna absolutely and know she has a therapeutic approach based on sound principles. Being a mum to 5 children and having managed all sorts of issues herself means her ability to appreciate complex problems and help others see a way through. Jo is someone I would have no hesitation in recommending for therapy, she is a wonderful person, calm, patient, trustworthy and committed to helping others.

Dr Bunny Forsyth


I would like to thank you Joanna for your help and expertise. You certainly aided the process of understanding my emotions and reaching a clear decision about where my future lay.

Male Client

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