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Welcome to Nuance-Therapy 

My name is Joanna.

I can offer you Individual Personal Therapy, Counselling, Sand-play, Well-being or School Based Counselling.

I work with people such as yourself to help them work through life's problems.

The therapy I offer is evidence based and draws upon different approaches, I have a relaxed way of working and I believe the relationship we build is as important as the work we do together.

I can offer you 'one to one' therapy where we would either be in the same room together or online via ZOOM

I am passionate about research, particularly that of Self-Injury and I have experience of working with those that injure themselves and offer an acceptance approach as opposed to cessation.

Online therapeutic services available - Please contact me for availability: 07802418588

A psychological therapeutic service for Children and Young People offering a safe environment for secondary school aged children (11-16, with learning difficulties such as Autism and Asperger's) to explore personal difficulties, such as low mood, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, generalised anxiety disorder, phobias, social anxiety, poor self-esteem, separation anxiety, self-injury and support with anger.

I spend time Lecturing Counselling , Research and Health and Social Care at Sunderland University and Stockton Riverside College. I deliver tailored workshops for a variety of education providers

Rooms are quiet and inviting.

Appointments can be made to suit your schedule. 

Early morning, evening and weekend sessions available on request.


Outdoor Therapy in Schools

Moving outside with children to explore the natural environment.


Therapeutic value of plants

Building relationships with nature.


Thank you for visiting.

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